Becoming a standard member of WRE though our Strategic Advisory Group offers many benefits including: 

  • Co-creation of the regional plan for water resource management (as part of the Defra National Framework for water resource management)
  • Access to collaborative opportunities with other WRE members
  • Three yearly meetings with government regulators, WRE members, and the WRE team
  • Ability to inform and influence the WRE board of directors in key decisions
  • Members area with access to WRE and National Framework reports

Any organisation in WRE’s area that uses water or has a stake in future water management is welcome to join. For example: Environmental NGOs, farmers, industrial users, land owners, water companies, energy companies, local/district/county councils, community organisations, internal drainage boards, water abstractor groups, land agents, colleges and universities, and advisory groups. 

Membership is completely free with the liability of only £1. This is only to be paid in the event that WRE is dissolved and for 1 year after as per our limited by guarantee guideline.

For  standard member articles of association please refer to appendix 1 of the WRE business plan which can be downloaded here: 

If you’re interested in becoming a standard member of WRE download the form below, amend it to your company’s logo, and send it to

For further information, please get in contact using our form below.